Where does biodynamics comes from and since when ?

The foundations of biodynamic agriculture is based on a lecture Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) to European farmers in Germany during the month of June 1924. This man, great philosopher in his time, had one faculty to connect the components of the agriculture for their spiritual aspects and felt that science is a fine invention, but it should not follow the point of forgetting all the achievements of our ancestors in terms of agriculture there are 7900 years.
This type of agriculture that remains a utopia for most Cartesian agronomists is increasingly practiced by farmers having realized the negative impact of conventional farming and seeking a connection with nature a little less dependent lobbyings of the chemical industry. Each biodynamic tends to his own biodynamic following more or less assiduously recommendations of planetary and lunar calendars. Spiritual perception of each is different which causes a different perception of biodynamic agriculture from one farm to another, but would not this interesting way of this type of agriculture: Diversity !