Biodynamic Agriculture and its advantages

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What is biodynamic agriculture?

This concept was born during a series of lectures given by the Austrian-born philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. It is a type of organic agriculture, which is characterized by a responsible use of natural resources. It does not use chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Its main characteristic is that it is based on a spiritual aspect of the relationship between man and the earth as a being with a life of his own, based on cosmic forces. Biodynamics considers the earth, plants, animals and man as a whole that must function in harmony, and that each of them is connected to the others and influenced by natural forces, the sun and the moon. It is practiced in over 50 countries.

What are the advantages of biodynamic agriculture?

  • They are free of chemicals. This alternative is a perfect choice if you want to prevent some of the diseases (e.g. heart and digestive problems, osteoporosis…) associated with these types of products.
  • These are fully environmentally sustainable crops. This is a great advantage because no energy source emitting greenhouse gases will be needed for production.
  • This is an economic advantage, especially considering that, although the short-term investments are higher, the return on investment is easy.
  • Biodynamic cultivation is of increasing quality. The quality of these crops has never been better and biodynamic agriculture is constantly growing. For example, in France, there is the MABD (Mouvement de l’Agriculture Bio-Dynamique) which is an association for the development of biodynamic agriculture. It is aimed at gardeners, farmers and consumers interested in the biodynamic approach. On their website, you will find a lot of information on how to understand and practice biodynamics. They also offer training courses and a variety of products. The Demeter International Biodynamic Federation is for example another association around biodynamics. It was born from the merger of Demeter International (the federation of national Demeter certification associations) and the International Biodynamic Association, and its goal is to strengthen the biodynamic movement internationally.                                                                                                                                                                                The lunar calendar provided by the Moon and Garden application guides you in the application of biodynamic agriculture.

Do you use biodynamic agriculture? What has been your experience with this type of agriculture? Are you already a member of one of these associations? Which associations are you a member of?

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