Gardening: websites and books to be consulted!

Hello Gardeners!

In this article I will expose you some of the books and websites that I have used as inspiration for my articles. You can consult them to learn more about biodynamics and the lunar calendar.


The first book is called “Gardening and Planting by th Moon 2022” written by Nick Kollerstrom and published by W Foulsham & Co Ltd. This guide tells the influence of the moon and the planets on the garden. It includes a calendar detailing the work to be done each day. It is also a good form of self-discipline for amateur gardeners. It is a very interesting book and every year they bring out a new edition with a new lunar calendar.

Another book that you can consult is “The Moon Gardener’s Almanac 2020: a lunar calendar to help you get the best from your garden” written by Therese Tredoulat and published by Floris Books. It is a complete guide where you will find the lunar calendar, the weather of your garden, tables of crops and explanations of what are the constellations of the zodiac and its relationship with the Moon. It is fully illustrated with easy-to-follow diagrams and space for your own notes. It also publishes a new edition every year.

The paperback I recommend you to consult is called “Moon Gardening: planting your biodynamic garden by the phases of the Moon ” written by Matt Jackson and published by CICO Books . I find this paperback very interesting to learn about the benefits of lunar and biodynamic gardening. You’ll discover how to take advantage of the moon’s natural rhythms, planning your gardening activities to match the weather. You will know about which fruits or vegetables are best to plant on a waning moon etc.
This paperback contains step-by-step illustrations of 25 projects, explanatory diagrams and stunning color photographs, it’s easy to see how biodynamic techniques can work for any gardener. The magazine can be read in a few days. Its format is convenient if you don’t have much time to read a book and understand the basics of these themes.


On the website Organic Edible Garden  you can find the lunar calendar for each month and recommendations of what to do each day. It also has a blog on topics related to food growing. It also has a section of recipes that can be cooked with different fruits or vegetables. In the store section you can buy their products such as natures organic compost, the organic edible garden shopping bag or the organic gardener’s year calendar 2022 etc.
There is a last section called OEG channel where you can find explanatory videos about for example: how to feed, mulch and net tomatoes, maintenance and replanting or how to grow dry-loving herbs and lettuces in containers.

Another website is Gardener’s Path  on this gardening website you will find many articles about planting with the phases of the moon, about gardening and recommendations such as: how to plant and grow purple sage, how to plant and grow glodenseal, how to identify and manage 9 common gladiolus pests etc. You will also find articles about hand tools, gardening books, outdoor furnitures. I think this is a very complete site where you will learn about different topics essentially about gardening.

Do you already know these sites, books and paperback? What are your favorite books, sites or paperback?

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