The most used terms in gardening

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In this article, I will show you definitions of the most used gardening terms. It is very important to know these terms which are sometimes technical.


Mulching is when you cover your plants with a layer of organic matter, such as straw, bark or dead leaves. Mulching protects plants from extreme temperatures, whether they are too cold or too hot. It also helps to keep the soil moist in the summer.


Pruning a hedge, a tree or a shrub consists in reducing its size in order to give it more strength.


Sowing is the planting of seeds in order to grow them in the garden.


Multiplication technique to obtain a second plant identical to the first one. To cut a plant, it is necessary to take a stem or a leaf of the aforementioned plant, and to cause its rooting with or without products, in order to make it grow.


To improve the nature of the soil by adding compost, fertilizer or manure.


Working the soil to make it more aerated and more permeable to water.


Operation consisting in eliminating weeds with the help of a tool (e.g.: a weeder, a hoe, etc.)


The purpose of hoeing is to loosen the top layer of soil around the crops, using a hoe or other manual tools. Hoeing allows the soil to be aerated and thus promotes the penetration of water and moisture into the lower layers of the soil.

What other gardening terms do you know?

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