How to get rid of Garden Pests?

Hello Gardeners!

I’m leaving you with some tips on how to get rid of pests that can damage your garden.

1. Lemon

To prevent ants from damaging your plants, one trick is to rub half a lemon on the rim of the pots. Lemon naturally keeps ants away.

2. Cow’s milk

To kill insect eggs, mix half a cup of fresh unpasteurized milk with 4 cups of flour and 20 liters of water. Afterwards, put the mixture in a spray bottle.

3. Cilantro

Cilantro is an excellent remedy for killing dust mites. Boil this plant with water for about 10 minutes, strain the mixture and spray it in the garden with a spray bottle.

4. Vegetable oil

To kill aphids, mealy bugs, mites or caterpillars, a good solution is to mix 2 cups of vegetable oil with half a cup of pure liquid soap. Shake this mixture until it turns white. Then dilute it with water and spray it with a spray bottle. It is best to use it in the morning or evening when the sun does not reach temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius because it can damage the plant.

5. Use a garlic clove

The trick is to plant a garlic clove in the pot or near the trees. Aphids and mealy bugs hate the smell of garlic.

6. Homemade fertilizer from a cigarette

Smoking is not recommended, but if you do, you can make a homemade fertilizer to kill pests. Leave five cigarette butts in a liter of water for a day and spray this mixture on your plants.

7. Watch out for earthworms!

Earthworms are often deadly to grass, as they like to eat its roots. To catch them, we recommend digging up the soil in your garden.

8. Homemade insecticide against pests

We recommend putting garlic, spices, flax and biodegradable blue soap dissolved in water in a blender. Then put the mixture in a spray bottle and apply it weekly until the pest is eliminated.

9. Insecticide to kill fungi
We recommend cooking several cloves of garlic, an onion and raspberry leaves in boiling water. Then mix them and pour the mixture into a spray bottle, which you can use to spray and apply to the plant.

10. A pet dog or cat

They are useful for keeping squirrels and mice away from your plants and fruit trees.

11. Ladybug

Another natural way to kill certain pests, especially aphids, is ladybugs, their natural predator. They also contribute to pollination. Their contact with human skin is harmless, and children love them.

Do you know of any other tips for eliminating pests in the garden? Which one did you find most interesting or didn’t know before?

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