How to make Compost?

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Discover all the steps and tips to make compost at home.

What is compost?

Compost is an organic fertilizer for plants. It is obtained from different organic materials that undergo a biological decomposition process. Compost improves soil structure, facilitates plant growth and prevents weeds. Composting reduces the volume of waste and is an economical and ecological way to recover the waste we produce at home.

The 5 steps of composting:

1. Prepare the compost bin:

You can use wooden boxes with holes, a large pot, a porous container or a prefabricated composter to put the compost in. Don’t forget to put several layers of unplasticised cardboard in the composter first to absorb excess moisture.

2. Choose the waste:

These wastes can be found in your kitchen. The wastes are materials rich in carbohydrates, such as branches, dry leaves, prunings, sawdust, straw, paper, cardboard …. and materials rich in nitrogen, such as fruit and vegetable wastes, egg shells, coffee and tea bags, etc. It is recommended to use 1 nitrogen-rich material and 3 carbohydrate-rich materials for our compost. Avoid using fish scraps, meat, bones, prepared foods (pasta, soups, sauces, etc.), large amounts of bread, grain flakes, rotten tomatoes, animal waste, fats and oils. After sorting the waste, cut it into small pieces.

3. Lack of oxygen:

Bad odors are a sign of a lack of oxygen. To solve this problem, it is recommended to mix dry waste (dehydrated plants, bread paper bags or newspaper sheets).

4. Gather everything together:

Place the fresh waste first, then the same amount of dry waste. It is possible to join them with your hands.

5. Cover the compost:

Before covering the mixture, make sure it has enough oxygen. To find out if there is enough oxygen, take a portion of the mixture with your hands and squeeze hard. If drops fall out when you do this, there is not enough oxygen. In this case, you need to use more dry residue. When everything is perfectly balanced, spread three layers of newspaper over the mixture, pressing the edges together.

That’s it! Your compost is ready to use 😊

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