Root vegetables

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A root vegetable is a vegetable whose consumed part is actually the root of the vegetable plant. In the lunar calendar, the specific work of root crops is done on root days. This is especially the case for sowing and planting.

Here are some examples of root vegetables:

  1. Beet
  2. Carrot
  3. Black radish
  4. Garlic
  5. Asparagus
  6. Beet
  7. Celery root
  8. Tuber
  9. Shallot
  10. Ginger
  11. Turnip
  12. Onion
  13. Sweet potato
  14. Parsley root
  15. Potato
  16. Radish
  17. Horseradish
  18. Kohlrabi
  19. Jerusalem artichoke
  20. Growing root vegetables:

Root vegetables prefer light, fertile soil, prepared or fertilized up to a year in advance, and no wet manure, as this can rot the roots.


They are not very tolerant of cold. They need warm or cool climates.

Watering ?

Watering must be regular, to ensure constant humidity and avoid waterlogging. Whether it is a furrow irrigation system or a drip irrigation system, it is important to remember that these vegetables are sensitive to lack and excess of water. The frequency of irrigation depends on the type of crop.

Fertilization ?

It is always advisable to fertilize with organic fertilizers, such as guano, compost or cow manure.

Pests and diseases ?


  1. aphids
  2. Red mite
  3. Whitefly
  4. Nematodes
  5. Leafminer
  6. Thrips


  1. Alternaria
  2. Bacterial canker
  3. Powdery mildew
  4. Rust

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